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Playboy Condoms are designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards such as U.S. FDA, ISO 4074ASTMCNS, and WHO requirements.

  • All playboy condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability.
  • All playboy condom batches are tested for leakage through the use of “Electrolyte Water Testing Equipment”.
  • All playboy condom types are tested for Bio-Compatibility according ISO 10993.
  • All playboy condom types are subjective to periodic Nitrosomine testing.
  • All playboy condom types are subjective to periodic Protein testing.
  • All playboy condoms are tested for durability.




It all begins with our Premium Latex.

Harvested locally in Thailand from the finest natural rubber trees.
By harvesting locally we ensure the highest quality latex, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals used by other manufacturers during transport that would be necessary to keep viscosity levels during transport. You can literally smell the difference, with little to no rubber smell.


Not just any lubricant.

We use Grade-A silicone based lubricant.
Since this lubricant contains no water, it never dries up, so it stays slick and silky. Silicone is also great for people with sensitive skin.


A Major Difference in Quality.

In a study just conducted, Nitrosamines were found in most major brands of condoms.
We have reduced the levels of Nitrosamines in Playboy Condoms to UN-DETECTABLE levels in our entire product line.
A difference in quality that sets us apart from even the longest and most established brands.




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