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Playboy Condoms launched in 2010 and has seen the fastest growth in the condom segment out of any other brand. Since the launch, Playboy Condoms has secured distribution in over 80 countries around the world and our products are now on the shelves of major convenience stores and pharmacies in over 30 countries, with the number of retailers increasing by the quarter, with many more almost through local health requirements to receive goods. Since the launch of Playboy Condoms, we have doubled our world wide shipments of containers year over year.

Not just a condom brand – Playboy Condoms represent a lifestyle, symbolic of romance, sex appeal and sophistication, backed by premium quality materials and the sensual allure of the Playboy brand.


Brand Legacy

Founded by Hugh M. Hefner in 1953, Playboy has been a tastemaker, an arbiter of style and a vanguard for political, sexual and economic freedom for almost 60 years. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, PEI publishes Playboy Magazine in the United States and abroad and creates content for distribution via television networks, websites, mobile platforms and radio. Playboy consumer products are sold in more than 180 countries. Playboy’s iconic events at the world’s most influential happenings provide our partners with unparalleled access to high-end pop culture. The Rabbit Head Logo, one of the top 20 brands in the world, and ranked amongst giants such as Nike, Disney and McDonald’s, continues to fuel the future of Playboy and our global expansion.


The founder

As the Founder of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. and Editor-in-Chief and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Magazine, Hugh M. Hefner has profoundly influenced society over the last 60 years. Founded by Mr. Hefner in 1953, Playboy Magazine remains the world’s best-selling men’s lifestyle magazine. It has inspired a media empire and one of the most recognizable brands in history.

Today, Hefner's son continues to serve as the company’s Chief Creative Officer and magazine’s Editor-in-Chief.



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